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Your Vision, Your Way.

WAZI partners with our clients to affect a meaningful call to action. We engage consumers with innovative marketing campaigns across all platforms. We make our clients unique and memorable advertising align with our clients messaging and culture to effectively reach all targeted audiences.

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Our Story

The WAZI Group is a Los Angeles-based production company producing compelling content.

We are a one-stop production company committed to quality and thought-provoking films.

We guarantee the highest production value with the grit of an independent film organization. 


WAZI content developers continuously research innovative ways to reach audiences. Our team of producers work closely with clients to deliver groundbreaking concepts. 


WAZI devises a plan to develop your concept and prepare it for production, perfecting the vision and plans for production to bring the vision to fruition.



Maintaining the approved schedule, we will produce the highest quality productions in collaboration with the client during the development process. 


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AIR IT OUT [Official Music Video]
TRULY [Official Music Video]
Like Da Champ [Official Music Video]
Going Home [Official Music Video]
SALUTE - Six Great Women In Jazz
Language Connects Us All - PSA
Princess Sarah Culberson Dreams in Black with AT&T.mp4
Clear Safe Vendor - Christmas - Ad
San Fernando Swap Meet - Ad

Commercial Works

Our Clients

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