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Protect and Serve - Short (2015)

8 min   |   English   | 

Produced By Thomas H. Stewart  Directed By Thomas H. Stewart, Lauren Bogholtz

Aaron Andrews

Emmy Awarded Documentary!

Thomas H. Stewart, a family man, has set out to uncover the harsh realities of
police brutality within the African American community. Growing up in Mississippi and Alabama, Thomas quickly learned the police were not on his side. Now a father, Thomas wants to protect his little girl from witnessing her father being abused by police.
Does he submit to police or does he fight back? Thomas is a man with everything to lose, and would rather be a martyr than diminished in front of his child. Protect and Serve follows a father in his attempt to understand the police force and their abuse of power, especially toward African American males in today’s society.

Protect and Serve
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